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Modula horizontal carousel

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Horizontal Carousel

Modula horizontal carousel (HC) is the ideal solution when you need high-speed picking in a low ceiling environment.

The carousel consists of carriers (bins) mounted on an oval track that rotate horizontally and deliver stored goods to the picker.

In either a production or distribution setting, the HC is extremely effective in saving space, reducing labor costs, increasing throughput and improving accuracy and inventory control.

Return on investment is often achieved in less than one year!

Self-Contained Units
Reduces Labor Expense (50+% in Most Cases)
Improve Inventory Picking Efficiency (2x-3x Often Easily Achieved)


Maintenance, repair, and operations often use horizontal carousels, RFID, smart industrial vending automation to maximize space and resources, minimize loss, increase picking efficiency, reduce waste and improve productivity. 

Horizontal Carousels technology allows organizations to control access to and track consumption and use by the employee, job number, machine number, quantity, inventory usage, point of use, what other items were checked out at the same time, etc.

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