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No two warehouse workflows are the same. That’s why your facility needs a custom solution to address your business’s unique needs and challenges. If you’re struggling with efficient inventory management, a Lean assessment from Tier 1 MRO can help you identify problem areas and develop end-to-end solutions to fix them.

Lean events are short-duration improvement projects with a specific aim to achieve waste reduction. Typically, Tier 1 MRO Lean Assessments are weeklong events led by one of our expert facilitators. The implementation team consists predominantly of supply chain staff working in the area in which the Lean event is conducted with additional support and management personnel participating, as needed. Our Lean experts can perform a full assessment and design custom end-to-end solutions to resolve your inventory management challenges.

An expert inventory management assessment allows you to identify clear problems and come up with tangible solutions. Let the professionals at Tier 1 MRO help you streamline your inventory management systems through cutting-edge equipment, strategic implementation, and ongoing technical support. Contact our team to learn more about what our inventory management consulting process entails or schedule your own Lean assessment today.

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