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Smart storage solutions for tracking high-value hospital inventory

Tier1 MRO understands that every acute facility faces unique challenges, but one thing they all share is the desire to ensure patient safety while reducing costs. Our software paired with RFID- enabled smart storage enclosures will improve efficiencies, increase revenue, and provide greater visibility to the supply chain. These tools allow hospitals to effectively manage inventory, providing real-time monitoring and tracking for items such as high-value oncology and orthopedic inventory.
Smart cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers

Track, trace, and secure inventory in enclosures that can be configured to fit your workflow.

  • Real-time inventory visibility: monitor inventory items as they are added and removed, all which can be done using our inventory management software
  • Manage access to the enclosures remotely
  • Eliminate manual inventory processes
  • Identify expired and recalled products easily
  • Customizable product layout
  • Temperature ranges from -25 °C to ambient
  • Proactive temperature alerting

Smart Cabinets, Refrigerators and Freezers

Undercounter RFID Refrigerator

The Undercounter RFID Refrigerator offers customizable storage space and an operational temperature range of 1°C to 10°C. With 24/7 temperature monitoring and proactive support, you can ensure product integrity and visibility.

Large RFID Refrigerator

The Large RFID Refrigerator allows you to track expiry and ensure product integrity with a temperature range of 2°C to 10°C. Its spacious and configurable design allows you to track a large variety of high-value inventory at once.

Compact RFID Cabinet

The Compact RFID Cabinet is the perfect space- saving solution for biologics, implants, orthopedic supplies, and so much more.

Large RFID Cabinet

The Large RFID Cabinet offers configurability that enables you to manage high-value inventory for a variety of applications.

Healthcare Inventory
Healthcare inventory management software
Manage high-value inventory seamlessly with our inventory management software.

High-level benefits
  • Track inventory from anywhere
  • Case management: Link inventory data to specific surgical cases
  • See real-time temperature reporting from smart enclosures
  • Track and be alerted to expiring products
  • Integrate into existing ERP
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