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When it comes to your warehouse, better visibility means better efficiency. A smart, intuitive, and efficient real-time inventory management system is a key part of maintaining a smooth and fast workflow. Crib Connect, the innovative inventory management application developed by Tier1 MRO, empowers businesses to take control of their inventory management. With Crib Connect, you can track your inventory in real-time, providing critical insights to improve operations and ensure timely restocking.

The application is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP system, allowing you to leverage the power of real-time inventory usage data, making informed decisions that positively impact your bottom line. With Crib Connect, you will always have the most up-to-date information, ensuring that your business is running efficiently and effectively. Choose Crib Connect to streamline your inventory management and benefit from the seamless integration with your ERP system.

//The Problem


Inventory Control Systems add a 2nd layer of software to help manage your inventory.  Without software developers on staff to write code between systems, you are forced to waste hours on double data entry. 

//The Solution

Tier1 MRO offers a comprehensive solution for the customer.

Our team builds the interface that allows sharing of critical data between your ERP (SAP, JDE, Oracle, ETC) systems and your inventory control environment.

  • Fully automated, “turnkey” ERP Connectivity.

Our team will work to:

    • Collect data needed for ERP System
    • Set up automated transfer between systems
    • Monitor cloud backups
    • Automated reporting for any transaction issues

* Custom dashboards allows real time snap shots of inventory transactions. 

By investing in a smart and powerful inventory management software application, you can improve visibility and generate real-time data across your operation. Give yourself the information you need to stay on top of ordering, optimize your production line, and make strategic decisions for your entire business. Partner with the experts at Tier 1 MRO today to see how our inventory management solutions can bring your business to the next level. Learn more about Crib Connect and its potential for your facility when you contact us today. 

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//The Problem 

Integration from multiple inventory control systems creates a cluster of reporting. 

AutoCrib – Modula, or SupplyPro + integration into Customer ERP System



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