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Undercounter RFID Refrigerator

Track expiry & ensure integrity.

Ensure peace of mind with the Undercounter RFID Refrigerator. Leave manual inventory management behind with 24/7 temperature monitoring and proactive support, plus real-time insight of your inventory. Its compact design and small footprint allow you track high-value inventory without compromising space.

This product can be customized when you partner with us. Fully outfit the Undercounter RFID Refrigerator with a branded wrap or keep it simple with a branded label. We can make it happen.

Product Highlights

  • Operational temperature range of +1 °C to +10 °C
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • Prevent stock-outs; monitor expiry of products
  • Customize your product layout


Secure Access

Once the desired items are properly tagged and placed in the Compact RFID Cabinet, pre-authorized users can access the enclosure by placing their badge to the pass reader.

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Real-time Tracking

Ensure the door to the Compact RFID Cabinet is securely shut so that a scan of the inventory is performed. Whether the user adds or removes an item, the system automatically tracks the transaction in real-time, recording who took the product and when.

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Cloud-Based Platform

This recorded encrypted transaction is then transferred via our flexible cloud-based platform which can be easily integrated into your ERP systems. Need an inventory management software as well? Don’t panic we have you covered. 

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Who We Are

Tier1 MRO helps organizations evaluate inventory processes and data, labor habits and costs, tools and materials, and productivity challenges.

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Services We Offer

Tier1 MRO helps clients elevate their value through innovative end-to-end inventory management and control solutions.

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Who We Work With

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Vertical Lifts
Vertical Lifts

Existing storeroom space is usually land locked. Vertical lifts increase your effective footprint and accelerate your retrieval time.

RFID Tracking
RFID Tracking

Tool and Part tracking create huge logistical challenges. RFID Tracking allows you to scale as large as needed with unlimited SKU’s, with full accountability.

4G/5G Private Networks
4G/5G Private Networks

Inventory tracking equipment is left off company network due to security mandates. Tier1 provides secure 4G and 5G connectivity to a single point or the entire facility.

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