December 17, 2020
High Precision Tool Management Program 
Daimler – Assembly Line
Daimler Mercedes Vehicle


  • Controlling inventory of high-precision tools, including calibration and maintenance, and ensuring they are readily accessible to assembly line engineers and operators on demand. 
  • Damaged tools are often attempted to be re-used, only to discover that they are damaged after time is already lost.


  • Install the AutoCrib Intelliport® RFID portal to replace the doorway to the existing tool-crib.
  • Tag and calibrate all tool inventory in the tool crib.
  • Train floor personnel on proper check-in and check-out of tools and replenishment.


  • AutoCribs distribute tools to the right people at the right time – all the time.
  • Inventory shrinkage was essentially eliminated.
  • Automated processes isolate damaged devices for repair or replacement by authorized personnel.