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What you can’t see will hurt your business — if you don’t know where your critical assets are located, you won’t be able to achieve maximum operational efficiency and workforce productivity. Introducing the ATR7000 — a new class of RFID reader offering advanced Zebra-only technology that provides visibility into the pinpoint location of all of your tagged assets. With the ATR7000, you can see where your inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers and more are located — and if they are on the move, in which direction they are moving. Now, you can identify, locate and track items in real time — and receive real-time alerts to improve compliance and loss prevention. With its simplified configuration and management interface, the ATR7000 couldn’t be easier to deploy. Multiple mounting and power options make installation a snap. Zebra software tools enable rapid development of your RFID applications — from a basic application at a single dock door to a complex application that covers every inch of the largest warehouse or manufacturing plant. And when it comes to total cost of ownership (TCO), the ATR7000 can’t be beat. Get the RTLS reader that offers superior technology, superior locationing accuracy, superior tag visibility and superior value — the ATR7000, only from Zebra.
Wide-angle multi-polarized antenna

The wide angle covers up to double the area of typical competitive readers. And with dual circular and linear coverage patterns, you get maximum tag visibility in virtually any application, regardless of the environment size or complexity.


Beam steering for pinpoint location accuracy

The ATR7000 electronically steers and processes several hundreds of narrow flashlight-style beams simultaneously, providing highly-accurate pinpoint asset location typically better than 2 ft./0.6 meters.


Proprietary only-from-Zebra advanced RFID technology

The parallel multi-transmit and receive architecture, digital beam-forming and wide-angle array antenna combine to deliver unsurpassed location accuracy and coverage.

Industry-best real-time tracking: location, movement and direction of movement

The ATR7000 gives you complete real-time visibility into the location of all of your tagged assets — regardless of whether they are stationary or on a forklift moving at peak speed. Since you can also see the direction of the movement, you get an extra layer of intelligence — for example, you can see whether items are moving into or out of a truck on the loading dock. And this powerful industrial reader delivers up to 10 times the throughput of competitive readers — so no matter how many assets you need to track, with the ATR7000, you can always track them all in real time.



Fast and easy integration with Zebra RFID API

Want to get your small deployment up and running, quickly and easily? With Zebra’s RFID Application Programming Interface (API), you can. The API simplifies the creation of RFID applications that can utilize real-time tag location data from the ATR7000, paving the way for dynamic time-saving workflows.

Get superior locationing with Zebra’s Configuration and Location Analytics Software (CLAS)

Want to empower your Warehouse Management System (WMS) with the real-time pinpoint location of all your tagged assets to enable the creation of dynamic workflows that maximize productivity? With CLAS, you can. This ready-to-use licensable software includes two key components: the RTLS software that enables configuration and remote management and monitoring of all your ATR7000 readers; and the Location Analytics engine. The Location Analytics engine automatically:

  • Collects the tag bearing data from all of your ATR7000 readers
  • Triangulates the tag data from multiple readers to calculate the real-time location of all tagged assets, typically within 2 ft./0.6 m accuracy
  • Streams the real-time location of your tagged assets into the business system of your choice — such as your Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Now, your WMS will know where all your assets are — stationary, on-the-move and in which direction they are moving. Armed with this new level of locationing intelligence, your WMS can automatically create and assign complex dynamic workflows that aggregate tasks along a single path. For example, a worker returning from completing a put-away order could complete a pick order on the return trip. Or one worker can complete multiple pick orders with items in the same vicinity on one trip through the warehouse.

The result? Minimum application coding. Maximum value out of your ATR7000 RFID solution. A faster return on investment through the elimination of about six to nine months of development time. Maximum operational efficiency. And maximum worker productivity.


MotionWorks Enterprise RFID Reader Management

With RFID Reader Management, you can easily deploy and manage a network of Zebra passive RFID readers. Fully compatible with our current portfolio of devices in this category, RFID Reader Management allows you to configure and monitor the status of every cloud-ready Zebra RFID reader in your system from one consolidated application, without requiring multiple tools to manage different types of readers.

IoT Connector

With IoT Connector, you can gather data from cloud-capable edge devices in a simple, consistent manner. Use the information and insights gained to make decisions in real time. Developed as a standard feature of our barcode scanners and RFID readers, IoT Connector is simple to configure—no coding required—and uses standard protocols within the Internet of Things.

CLAS Software

CLAS (Configuration and Location Analytics Software), a part of Zebra’s Advanced Asset Tracking System, enables you to configure and manage all ATR7000 readers and perform real-time identification, location analytics, and tracking of goods tagged with passive UHF RFID tags.

Multiple mounting options

Mount the ATR7000 wherever you need it. The built-in pole mounting features make it easy to install overhead. And with the standard VESA mount, get additional versatile mounting options.

Flexible power options

Power it your way. Just plug in the +24 VDC power supply or utilize integrated support for 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) to eliminate the need for an outlet and the time and cost to run a power drop.

Easy remote management of all your ATR7000 readers

Manage your entire ATR7000 solution with the integrated management interface. With this powerful management solution, you can automatically discover and configure ATR7000 readers that are connected to the local network — no hands-on required.


Cut hardware costs in half with an unbeatable coverage zone

When it comes to cost, whether you choose to deploy the ATR7000 as a Real-Time Locationing System or a standard fixed reader at dock doors or other transition points, the ATR7000 can’t be beat. Its wide angle antennas cover up to double the area of competitive readers, effectively cutting the number and cost of required readers for your RTLS system in half. And you get the same cost-savings when you deploy the ATR7000 as a fixed reader at your dock doors, since its advanced features enable a single ATR7000 to cover two dock doors.

No-cost tag maintenance

When it comes to tag maintenance, you save even more. Passive UHF tags are not only very cost effective, they do not require a battery or battery management and maintenance — so unlike active tags, there’s no time or cost spent monitoring battery health and changing batteries to ensure seamless tag visibility. And since the average passive tag costs less than eight cents and lasts for years, it’s feasible to tag large volumes of inventory and assets — unlike other RTLS systems.

Maximize performance with Zebra Advanced Performance RFID tags — purposefully designed for the ATR7000

The right tags are key to maximizing the performance and benefits of your RFID system. That’s why Zebra developed its advanced performance RFID tags, designed specifically to provide the extended read range, orientation insensitivity and faster tag acquisition required to unlock the full potential of the ATR7000. The extended read range combines with the high sensitivity of the ATR7000 to ensure that even tags at the edge of the coverage zone are easily captured. The omni-directional tags are orientation insensitive, enabling flexible application of the labels on your assets — crucial for high read rates. The highly sensitive chip in the tag provides a faster response time to the reader, resulting in faster tag capture and increased throughput. And with wideband technology in the chip, there’s no performance degradation on challenging dense and heavy materials, such as wood, glass, water and paper.

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