Security risks are real, and attacks are getting increasingly frequent and sophisticated. No matter the size of your organization. Endpoints are becoming popular targets—including networked thermal printers. Successful network security requires layers of protection.

Secure Your Data and Infrastructure, Including Your Thermal Printers

When you integrate a new thermal printer you expect it to increase productivity, not introduce security vulnerabilities. Zebra helps you defend against security breaches with our Print DNA ecosystem, powered by Link-OS, featuring PrintSecure. Together, they give you the tools to easily configure your printers to use secure connections, assess potential vulnerabilities, block unauthorized access and control your data exchanges. Zebra is committed to securing your performance edge.

Security Assessment Wizard

Uncover vulnerabilities and compare your printer settings against security best practices with the free Printer Setup Utility for Android and iOS, so you can make changes to increase protection.

Automated Wi-Fi Certificate Management

With Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, you can eliminate manual, error-prone processes and ensure your printers each have their own unique Wi-Fi certificate that automatically updates when expired.

Protected Mode and Default Improvements

Prevent accidental or unwanted printer-setting changes. Secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® settings by default.

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