The long-awaited potential of consistent and reliable RFID is here and within reach. Leverage Tier1 MRO’s decades of expertise, design thinking and software development to achieve maximum RAIN RFID efficiency. Unlike other players, Tier1 MRO gives you the industry’s broadest, field-proven RFID portfolio for unmatched accuracy and interoperability that elevates every system, device, tag and worker.


Scan anything, anywhere—no matter what. With Tier1 MRO, you’ll never worry about torn barcodes or harsh environments. Tier1 MRO scanning abilities anticipate any scanning situation and challenge, providing superior visibility and real-time analytics. With over 50 years of field-proven innovation, you’re safeguarded by a Tier1 MRO mindset that accepts no limitations and anticipates every challenge.


Automating visibility to asset location helps organizations better manage and optimize their critical assets, streamline operations and create more efficient workflows. Tier1 MRO offers a full portfolio of best-in-class hardware options for capturing location data, to satisfy a large variety of requirements for range, accuracy and precision.

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