ST5500 Transition Reader



Understand What’s Entering and Exiting Your Facility

When inventory moves through receiving, entry/exit points, or any transition point within your facility, you need to know which direction it is traveling to understand where it is headed. The Zebra ST5500 Transition Reader reaches beyond simple presence detection to collect the data required to determine whether items are entering or leaving an area. With flexible options that enable you to install this sensor on a wall or suspend it from the ceiling, easily deploy the Zebra ST5500 Transition Reader in virtually any environment.

Benefits of the ST5500

Ready-to-Use All-in-One Integrated Reader/Antenna

Everything you need is already integrated inside the housing, pre-configured and ready to go—reader and antenna. Just suspend from the ceiling or mount on a wall for fast and easy deployment.

Modular Mix-and-Match Reader/Antenna Combinations

Pair Zebra’s advanced FX7500 fixed RFID reader with a pre-engineered ready-to-use antenna designed for challenging areas—such as backrooms and warehouse aisles with high interference and areas that require very tight read ranges.

Plug-and-Play Simple Deployment

All solutions in this family offer everything you need, including an advanced RFID reader, a pre-configured antenna, plus support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). Just mount the hardware, plug it in and capture moving inventory information.



Understand What’s Entering and Exiting Your Facility

Know which direction inventory is traveling as it moves in or out of your facility through receiving and entry/exit points with the Zebra ST5500 Transition Reader. Understand where it is headed to better track location or prevent theft.



Additional Software Features

123RFID Desktop Fixed Reader Deployment Software

123RFID fixed RFID reader deployment software will increase your profitability by reducing deployment and optimization time from weeks to days.


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