Always on the edge of innovation, Zebra offers premium RFID mobile printers to give your workers a leading advantage. The ZQ630 Plus RFID rounds out Zebra’s ZQ600 Plus Series printers with advanced technology and innovative design that drive productivity, ease-of-use and manageability to a new level. Save time, reduce errors, print and encode RFID labels and tags on the spot with ease. A large color display takes all the guesswork out of printer status. Advanced battery technology and more battery capacity–6600 mAh–power every minute of the longest shift. The instant wake-up feature on Wi-Fi™ or Bluetooth® ensures the ZQ630 Plus RFID never sleeps on the job. And, the ZQ630 Plus RFID is easier to integrate, manage, setup and secure, thanks to Zebra’s Link-OS® printer operating system and powerful Print DNA™ suite of applications, utilities and developer tools.


RFID + Mobility Made Easy

Leading the industry in RFID mobility, Zebra was the first to introduce RFID mobile printers in the market.. The innovative ZQ630 Plus RFID printer gives your workers the flexibility to print and encode RFID labels with ease. Compatible with all current Zebra RFID technology, including tags and encoding schemes, it’s easy to extend RFID to a mobile printer.

RFID setup is simple with automatic calibration features that eliminate complex RFID placement guidelines. Insert the RFID media into the ZQ630 Plus and RFID calibrate only once—no need to recalibrate with same-type media changes.

The Industry’s First Wi-Fi 6 Mobile Printer

The ZQ630 Plus RFID offers fast, dependable wireless connections for your inside-the-four-walls applications. Take advantage of your Wi-Fi 6/6E network upgrade and get best-in-class WPA3 security, lightning-fast speeds and enhanced roaming. For flexibility, choose between 802.11ax/Bluetooth 5.3 or 802.11ac/Bluetooth 4.2 dual radio options, depending on your network environment.

Industry-Standard 802.11r Fast Roaming for Seamless Access

With support for 802.11r fast roaming technology, your workers can depend on a connection while they are on the move.

Business Tough—Built for All-Day Every Day Enterprise Use

While the ZQ630 Plus RFID is lightweight and comfortable to wear all shift long, it is loaded with features that give it long-lasting durability, including over-molding, a tempered-glass display and seamless one-piece design. The high-grade resin is one of the toughest plastics available for greater impact resistance.


Do More on a Single Charge

With the ZQ630 Plus RFID’s high-capacity battery, you can be sure that every worker has plenty of power for every shift.


Plus Power Smart Print Technology™, Zebra’s patented technology, maximizes efficiency by delivering the exact amount of power required for the highest quality printing, saving an estimated 20 to 30 percent of battery power.

Extraordinary Battery Management Capabilities

The ZQ630 Plus RFID’s PowerPrecision+ battery delivers the ultimate in battery power and management. A wealth of easily accessible battery metrics makes it easy to identify aging batteries before they impact productivity.


Zebra Print DNA–Your Printers’ Built-In Advantage

Print DNA’s suite of software capabilities leverages everything we’ve learned about technology, users and thousands of use cases. Stay a step ahead with remote management tools, heightened security, and ongoing updates that enable your printers to work at their highest potential.

Robust Memory to Support Applications Today and Tomorrow

The ZQ630 Plus RFID offers 256 MB RAM and 512 MB Flash—providing more than enough memory for all your fonts, graphics and firmware upgrades needs.

Backward Compatible with QLn Accessories

With more than one million units sold, Zebra’s QLn Series set the bar for mobile printing. Now, the ZQ630 Plus RFID raises the bar again. And since the ZQ630 Plus RFID is backward compatible with QLn accessories, you can upgrade to the latest platform and ingenuity without buying new accessories or rebuilding the settlement room.


Resolve Problems Faster with the Ethernet Cradle

Remote management is easy with the ZQ600 Plus Series’ Ethernet Cradle. By docking the printer in the cradle at the end of every shift, IT can remotely upgrade the firmware as needed to ensure that each printer is operating at peak performance. Should employees experience a problem, they can simply dock the printer into the cradle for a remote diagnosis—eliminating the downtime and costs associated with shipping a printer to the repair depot when nothing is physically wrong.

Easily Manage All Your Printers—All from a Single Location

With our comprehensive and flexible remote management tools, you can maintain, secure and troubleshoot printers simply and easily, from anywhere, anytime. Use the free Printer Setup Utilities to simplify setup and out-of-the-box configuration tasks. And with the optional Printer Profile Manager Enterprise, you can manage one printer, a group of specific printers or all printers anywhere in the world. This browser-based solution lets you instantly discover every Link-OS printer on your network—there’s no need to manually track down, configure or troubleshoot printers.

Seamless Integration with Your Device Management System

Get the simplicity of a single-pane-of-glass to manage all your Zebra mobile devices and printers—including the ZQ630 Plus RFID. With Print DNA’s MDM Connectors, you can easily integrate networked ZQ630 Plus RFID printers into your existing AirWatch or SOTI MobiControl device management system. And if you are using Ivanti Avalanche (powered by Wavelink), the ZQ630 Plus RFID offers support for Avalanche right out of the box.

Ensure Continued Reliability with Printhead Diagnostics

With the ZQ630 Plus RFID, you don’t need to worry about downtime from a worn-out printhead. Our unique Printhead Diagnostics provide visibility into the health of printheads across your deployment, enabling you to take action before productivity is impacted.

Protect Sensitive Customer and Business Data with PrintSecure

This complimentary Print DNA utility makes it easy to configure over 30 settings to fine-tune printer security to protect your data and your infrastructure by creating secure printer connections and blocking unauthorized printer access.

Consistently Exceptional Zebra Certified Supplies

Zebra also offers the largest number of in-stock, on-demand RFID printing supplies, ready to ship within 24 hours. Carefully pretested, our general purpose and advanced inlays deliver exceptional performance to maximize the benefits of RFID in your operations. And, we offer customized solutions for unique label sizes and inlays you designate.

Maximize Uptime, Business Operations and Printer Visibility with Services

You invest in Zebra printers to better serve your customers and boost operational efficiency. Now, you can ensure predictable performance and eliminate unbudgeted repair expenses with Zebra OneCare™. You get unmatched technical support direct from Zebra, as well as comprehensive repair services, including accidental damage and defined repair turn-around times. And Zebra’s Visibility Services provide the real-time insight into printer operational information you need to increase printer availability and optimize utilization within your workflows.

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