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With engineered automated solutions that use RFID tracking, manufacturing and MRO never have to run out of parts, tools, PPE, or equipment again; rush orders become a thing of the past. RFID scanners catalog all items. Employees check items in and out by card, badge, or ID, selecting their item and walking out of the gateway. Organizations have 24/7/365 access to data they need to automate order processing, track, and manage inventory, understand usage, anticipate trends, increase accountability, and minimize loss. At the floor level, AutoCrib solutions, PPE/safety equipment vending, vendor-managed inventory, and other industrial vending solutions (with RFID) are game-changing, allowing personnel to have immediate access to the items, materials and tools they need, with minimal downtime, productivity loss and management intervention. 

RFID Storeroom Portal – The Gateway
  • Completely automate your storeroom/toolroom
  • 24/7/365 controlled access
  • Employee authentication through FOB, badge, or ID #
  • Link job number to dispensed tooling or parts
  • ERP data integration for a real-time view of inventory movement
  • Tool serial tracking and calibration/certification-date management
  • Turnkey implementations or train your team to administer the system
  • RFID tagging and cataloging of all items
  • Customized reporting
  • No test vending or repackaging of materials required
  • Tier1 MRO offers US-based technical support by phone, email, or with a full-time onsite Tier1 MRO employee


  • Never miss a calibration deadline again
  • 24/7 traceability of inventory movement

Tier1 MRO offers inventory management solutions and project management support.
  • No need to overstock pricey inventory

  • Real time transparency
  • Eliminate wasted man-hours

  • Real time inventory level notifications
  • Evaluate a portfolio of technologies that can help efficiently manage assets.
  • Free up working capital.
  • Minimize waste streams and operating costs.
  • Improve collaboration between departments and the company and its suppliers.
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